Capoeira Denver

Capoeira Denver has been in the Denver Metro area since 2000. Capoeira Denver began under the leadership of Instructor Aladin(1980-2002″Mestre Aladin” in spirit) but then florished under the Leadership of Instructor Gaviao(current leading Capoeira Luanda Nuevo Laredo, Mexico). Capoeira Denver is currently under the leadership of Graduado Vampiro with the supervision of Contramestre Esquilo Preto.

Capoeira Denver is dedicated to promoting education, culture and healthy lifestyle through the art of Capoeira and Brazilian culture.

Capoeira Denver provide adult and youth Capoeira classes to the Denver metro area. Capoeira Denver work with the Denver Boys & Girls Club and Colorado New Style Dance to provide class both during the school day and after school to students Denver Public Schools.