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Capoeira Luanda Denver’s Classes are fun and high energy with a great atmosphere


Capoeira Luanda Denver offers performances in Capoeira, contact us for more information


Capoeira Luanda Denver in involved in the Denver Metro Area community and is dedicated to a sharing the art of Capoeira and promoting health and wellness

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Capoeira Luanda

Capoeira Luanda was founded on April 6th, 2007, after a long process of research and study under the direction and guidance of Mestre Jelon Vieira. Today, Capoeira Luanda has spread internationally with centers and academies in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, France, Italy, Holland, and Singapore.

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Capoeira is a beautiful martial art that combines martial arts, dance, music and acrobatics. It is a expression of a personality, that also highlight the brilliants of Brazilian culture.

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